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Vision & Strategic Location


Historically, Norfolk County’s strength was in tobacco due to the mild climate and long growing season. The tobacco industry has gone through changes that placed pressure on Norfolk County to diversify its agricultural industry and its economy.


Being home to a flourishing agricultural base and some of the most fertile land in Ontario, Norfolk County has become “Ontario’s Garden”.  The agricultural industry continues to be a driving force behind our local economy.  Norfolk is a top producing area for farm fresh produce in Ontario and the most diversified agricultural region in Canada.


Combining the best of urban and rural life, Norfolk offers excellent recreation, shopping and investment opportunities. Due to our proximity to Lake Erie, Norfolk County is popular amongst cottagers, boaters and day-trip tourists, particularly in the summer months.


Norfolk County’s extensive and relatively untouched natural environment has provided a variety of eco-tourism opportunities. Everything you want can be found here!


Our reliable labour force, development incentives, low property tax rates and exceptional quality of life are just a few of the reasons why it makes sense to locate your enterprise in Norfolk County.


Norfolk County’s Economic Development Office promotes our community as a location for business and industry as well as to provide ongoing support to existing businesses. We have a variety of information available to the business community, developers and investors including available industrial and commercial sites and buildings, community profile and general economic data.


Our staff would be pleased to provide you with information on whatever you need to know on doing business in Norfolk. Please give us a call if we can be of service. All inquiries are handled in a confidential manner.


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Strategic Location

Norfolk County is strategically located within Canada and North America – less than two hours from Toronto – Ontario’s largest city.  Proximity allows for easy distribution to other important markets in Canada, the United States, and Mexico.

Over 450 million North American consumers are accessible from this location – 152 million consumers are within one day’s drive. In particular, the advantageous location of Norfolk County within Ontario is of critical importance for on-time delivery of agriculture and food shipments into the competitive US market.


Ontario is home to more than half of Canada’s food processing companies.  Located near the 400-series highways, railway lines, and major US border crossings, Norfolk County is an ideal place to do business.

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Norfolk Distance table

City Population Distance (km)
Brantford (Rail)
Buffalo (BUF Airport)
Detroit (DTW Airport)
Hamilton (YHM Airport)