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Strategic Advantages

Strategic advantages for a business thinking of relocating or an entrepreneur planning a startup:​

the surf shop
  • Competitive real estate prices
  • Development charges waived for industrial buildings
  • Rich agricultural history
  • Scenic coastline with vast opportunity for development
  • Rapidly growing and diverse tourism industry
  • Generous incentive programs
  • Direct link to Hwy 403 via Hwy 24
  • Local colleges for skills development

Development Charge Exemptions

In Norfolk County, several types of development are exempted from any development charges to encourage these uses in our communities.


These exemptions, in some cases, can amount hundreds of thousands of dollars in savings for developers:

  • Industrial (manufacturing, producing, processing, storing, or distributing, etc.)
  • Roofed overnight accommodation (hotels, motels, inns, bed & breakfasts, guest houses, and timeshare tourist-oriented condominiums)
  • Brownfield redevelopment (abandoned, idled, or underutilized industrial and commercial properties)
  • Development within Central Business Districts
  • Farming business and farm help house
  • Affordable housing
  • Outdoor parking lot at grade or parking garage above or below grade
  • Temporary structures
  • Place of worship

See Norfolk County By-Law 2014-105 for details and definitions