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Why Norfolk County?

Welcome to Norfolk County, where inclusive growth meets economic prosperity and affordable living, setting the stage for your success in a connected and supportive community.

Thriving Growth and Affordability in Norfolk County

Norfolk County is on the rise, with our diverse and inclusive population increasing by 5% over the past 5 years. Our economic landscape is flourishing, evidenced by an impressive 18% growth in median incomes over the same period. Coupled with a commitment to affordability, the county is an inviting destination for families and businesses seeking a blend of opportunity and high quality of living.

Global Reach Meets Local Charm​

Within a mere 2-hour drive, discover 5 airports, including Toronto Pearson International Airport. This proximity to major air travel routes provides your business with unparalleled access to the global market while maintaining the local charm and serenity that Norfolk County is celebrated for. With strategic access to major urban centers such as Hamilton, London, and Buffalo, and connection to vital highways like the 401 and 403, Norfolk is perfectly positioned for businesses looking to thrive in a globally connected environment.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship: The Growth Engines

Innovation is the cornerstone of Norfolk’s economic vitality, catalyzing growth across tourism, agriculture, and manufacturing. We boast a supportive network of accelerators, coworking spaces, and educational institutions that propel fresh ideas into successful ventures. With regional innovation centers and community spaces like Groundswell Coworking (Waterford), Riversyde 83 (Simcoe), Innovation Factory (Hamilton) and Boundless Accelerator (Guelph), Norfolk is a playground for entrepreneurial spirits.

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Diverse Talent Pool for Innovative Enterprises

Norfolk County is not just a place of stunning vistas and welcoming communities; it’s a powerhouse of skilled labor. Specialized in trades and transportation, sales and service, agricultural production, manufacturing, education, and public administration, our workforce is the cornerstone of our economic strength. This rich diversity of skills and occupations equips employers with the essential assets for business expansion and industry leadership.

Tap into Canada’s Top Universities

Norfolk County is surrounded by over 702,000 undergraduates from prominent institutions, including the University of Waterloo, Western University, McMaster University, and the University of Guelph, renowned for its Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine programs. This academic network, alongside Fanshawe College’s Simcoe campus, fosters a talent pool rich in innovation, aligning with our key sectors in agri-business and supply chain management.

“Our aim is clear: to create an environment where existing businesses can thrive and new enterprises see Norfolk as the prime location to plant their roots.”


Amy Martin, Mayor

Sectorial Versatility in a Supportive Environment

Norfolk County is proud of its robust economic structure, with targeted sectors including Accommodation and Food Services, Agriculture, Construction, Manufacturing, and Retail Trade. Each sector flourishes here, supported by a strategic economic development plan that nurtures growth and fosters investment opportunities.

Capturing Opportunities in a Thriving Community

As Norfolk County’s population grows, so does the demand for goods and services. This expanding consumer base creates a wealth of opportunities for both new entrepreneurs and established businesses. Norfolk County’s dynamic and responsive market is ripe for investment, offering the potential for significant growth and success. Join a vibrant community where your business can flourish and make a lasting impact. Explore the possibilities now.


Embrace the Opportunity and Invest in Norfolk County Now!

Join us in a place where your business aspirations align with a lifestyle that inspires. Norfolk County invites you to be part of our story—a narrative woven with success, sustainability, and satisfaction. Connect with us, and explore the countless possibilities that await in Norfolk County, where your future is our present.