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Terms and Conditions for Use of NORFOLK Sign

The following are the terms and conditions under which the requesting Organization (hereinafter referred to as the “Organization”) is permitted to use the NORFOLK sign (hereinafter referred to as the “Sign”). By submitting an application, the Organization agrees to the following:


  1. Purpose of Use: The Sign shall be used solely for the purposes stated in the application submitted by the Organization and approved by Norfolk County.
  2. Placement of Sign: The Sign must be placed in a location that is safe, visible, and accessible to the public, complying with all local ordinances and laws, including site lines.
  3. Permits and Compliance: The Organization is responsible for obtaining any necessary permits and ensuring the Sign does not violate any local ordinances or laws.
  4. Delivery, Setup, and Removal: Norfolk County is solely responsible for the delivery, setup, and removal of the Sign. The Organization is prohibited from moving or relocating the Sign unless express written permission is received from Norfolk County’s Director of Strategic Innovation and Economic Development.
  5. Cancellation or Suspension: Norfolk County may cancel or suspend use of the Sign for reasons it deems relevant, particularly those affecting health and safety, such as inclement weather.
  6. Additional Costs: The Organization is responsible for any costs associated with additional logistics, security, or specific requirements for the Sign’s placement.
  7. Care of the Sign: The Organization must ensure the Sign is not altered, defaced, or damaged during the display period.
  8. Electrical Requirements: The Organization is responsible for providing a surge protected circuit (120v, 5.6 amp) for the Sign.
  9. Liability: The Organization will be liable for any damages, losses, or injuries resulting from the placement or use of the Sign. This includes damage to the Sign, related property, and any third-party claims arising from the event.
  10. Indemnification: The Organization agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Norfolk County and its officers, employees, and agents from any claims, damages, losses, liabilities, and expenses arising out of or in connection with the use, placement, or operation of the Sign.
  11. Insurance: The Organization must provide Norfolk County with a certificate of commercial general liability insurance with a minimum limit of $2,000,000 per occurrence. The Policy must provide coverage for third party bodily injury, personal injury, and property damage. The policy must also include a cross-liability and severability of interest clause, and a thirty (30) day written notice of cancellation or termination provision. This insurance must name The Corporation of Norfolk County as an additional insured party for the duration of the event involving the NORFOLK sign. Approval of your application is conditional upon this insurance being in place and the certificate of such insurance being provided and approved by Norfolk County prior to the delivery of the NORFOLK sign.