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Environmental Remediation Grant

1. Purpose

The purpose of the Environmental Remediation Grant is to promote the remediation of environmental contamination on eligible properties.  Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs) are not eligible for funding under this program.  The program is designed for costs of site remediation, one of the key stumbling blocks in the redevelopment of contaminated sites in Norfolk County.

2. Policy Statement

The Council approved Norfolk County Community Improvement Plan establishes a framework for Norfolk County’s support and implementation of programs that may be utilized to encourage the maintenance, rehabilitation, and redevelopment of the County.

3. Grant Amount Available

The maximum Environmental Remediation Grant amount is fifteen thousand dollars ($15,000) per property (excluding HST) and is based on a fifty/fifty (50/50) matching cash contribution of the applicant.  The grant amount will be calculated based on fifty percent (50%) of the actual cost of the remedial work.

4. Eligible Areas

The program is available in the urban, hamlet, agricultural, and lakeshore areas.

5. Eligible Applicants

The Applicant may either be the registered owner of the property or an assignee.

6. Eligible Costs

Eligible costs for Environmental Remediation include costs to reduce the concentration of contaminants on, in or under the property. This includes the cost of:

  1. Environmental remediation, including the cost of preparing a Record of Site Condition (RSC);
  2. Removal of contaminants;
  3. Placing clean fill and grading.

7. Other Eligibility Requirements

The following eligibility requirements shall apply to the Environmental Remediation Grant:

  1. Required Documentation: Phase II Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs) indicating remedial work and Phase III ESA (Remedial Work Plans) documentation must be provided to Norfolk County with the Application.
  2. Application and Approval Required before Commencement of Work: All Applicants shall submit an application for the specific program(s) to Norfolk County prior to the commencement of any works. Financial incentives offered in the Community Improvement Plan will not be offered retroactively for costs incurred prior to the approval of the application.
  3. Tax Arrears, Other Payments and Claims: Lands or buildings shall not be eligible to participate in the program if they have any tax arrears or any other legal claim, lien, or order that may adversely affect title of the property, other than a mortgage in good standing.
  4. Assignee Permission: The grant is only available to property owners or an assignee with written permission from the property owner.
  5. Maximum Grants Available: The total amount of financial incentives in the form of grants (where Community Improvement Programs are combined) shall not exceed twenty thousand dollars ($20,000).
  6. Cost of Rehabilitation: The total value of grants received for a subject property shall not exceed the cost of rehabilitating the lands and buildings.
  7. Required Reports and Evidence of Completed Work: For the grant to be paid, a Remediation Report from a Qualified Person that demonstrates that the subject property meets the applicable regulation standards for soil and ground water must be presented. Evidence of the paid invoices for the remediation work must be presented.
  8. Public Disclosure of Information: Information regarding the grant amount issued, the nature of the project and photographs thereof, the total investment of the project by the private sector, and the address of the property to which the grants are associated are all public information that will be included in promotional material and/or in a media release. Applicants will be required to allow this information to be released to the public and to participate in public reviews of the program in future.
  9. Priority Applications: In the event that the budget remaining for the year is insufficient to fund all applications on hand, projects demonstrating the greatest impact to the community (i.e. job creation and total capital investment) will be chosen for funding. Norfolk County may discontinue or cancel a program at the sole discretion of Council.
  10. Grant Funding Availability: As part of the annual budget deliberations, Council will review the availability of funds for loan and grant purposes.

8. Implementation Procedure

  1. Applicant: The Applicant should arrange a pre-application meeting or consultation with staff in order to determine program eligibility, proposed scope of work and project timing.
  2. Application Process: The Applicant must submit an application, including a detailed proposal and at least two (2) estimates for consideration, prior to commencement of any work. The General Manager of Development and Cultural Services, or designate, shall review each application to ensure the eligibility of the Applicant and shall approve successful applications in accordance with the provisions of the Policy.  Applications must be accompanied by a Phase II ESA that demonstrates detail site contamination and a Remedial Work Plan.
  3. Disclosure of Tax Arrears, Liens, Orders, Claims, etc.: If lands or buildings have any tax arrears or any other legal claim, lien or order that may adversely affect title of the property, other than a mortgage in good standing, this information shall be disclosed by the Applicant when applying.
  4. Approval Period: Approval of the application will expire if the work is not completed within six (6) months from the date of approval from Norfolk County. The Applicant may apply for a justifiable extension to a maximum of 12 months, at the General Manager’s discretion.

9. Project Completion

The project must be completed by a Qualified Person, as defined by the Environmental Protection Act, O. Reg. 153/04.

10. Grant Calculation

The maximum Environmental Remediation Grant amount is fifteen thousand dollars ($15,000) per property (excluding HST) and is based on a fifty/fifty (50/50) matching cash contribution of the applicant.  Eligible costs shall be the original estimate or the actual cost, whichever is less. In-kind contributions are not eligible contributions.

11. Grant Payment

The grant will be advanced upon approval of all submitted documentation. This includes receipt of one (1) hard copy and preferably one (1) electronic copy of the final Remediation Report with the original invoice indicating that the study consultants have been paid in full. Staff of Development and Cultural Services will review the report for conformity with the submitted work plan and eligibility criteria.  If the submitted report does not conform to the submitted work plan or is not to the satisfaction of Norfolk County, payment may be declined.