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Explore Craft Microbreweries in Norfolk County, Ontario

Two people enjoying a glass of craft beer at a microbrewery's outdoor patio in Norfolk County, Ontario.

Nestled in the heart of Southwestern Ontario, Norfolk County isn’t just a hub of rich agriculture and natural beauty; it’s also an emerging hotspot for craft beer aficionados. With an increasing number of microbreweries dotting the landscape, each with its own unique approach to brewing, Norfolk County is a paradise for beer lovers seeking quality and creativity in every pint.

1. Blue Elephant Craft Brew House

Our adventure begins at the Blue Elephant Craft Brew House in Simcoe, a cornerstone of the Norfolk microbrewery scene. Known for its dedication to local ingredients, the brewery’s “Norfolk Harvest Ale” exemplifies the rich agricultural roots of the area. Pair this exemplary craft brew with a meal from their kitchen for a truly local experience.

Location: Simcoe | Website: blueelephant.ca

2. New Limburg Brewery

Next, we discover the Belgian-inspired New Limburg Brewery. Located in a charmingly converted schoolhouse, this microbrewery specializes in Belgian-style ales. Its intimate taproom and patio invite visitors to enjoy a slice of Belgium right here in Norfolk, highlighted by their signature “Belgian Blonde.”

Location: Simcoe | Website: newlimburg.com

3. Ramblin’ Road Brewery Farm

A visit to Ramblin’ Road Brewery Farm in La Salette is essential. As Ontario’s pioneering “Brewery Farm,” they offer a unique “Dakota Pearl Ale,” brewed from potatoes grown right on their farm—a true testament to the microbreweries close to you that innovate with local produce.

Location: La Salette | Website: ramblinroad.ca

4. Hometown Brew Co.

For breathtaking views paired with exceptional brews, Hometown Brew Co. near Lake Erie is a must-visit. Relax in their laid-back atmosphere and savor the “Southern Light” lager as you watch the sunset over the lake—an ideal setting for those seeking tranquil moments with a quality craft beer.

Location: St. Williams | Website: hometownbrew.com

5. Charlotteville Brewing Company

At Charlotteville Brewing Company in Simcoe, beer lovers can enjoy a serene farm setting. Their “Charlotteville ‘C’ Hop” ale, made with homegrown hops, offers a fresh and crisp flavor that showcases the best of local ingredients at microbreweries near me.

Location: Simcoe | Website: charlottevillebrewingcompany.ca

6. Backyard Brewing Company

In Simcoe, Backyard Brewing Company epitomizes local craftsmanship. Their “Backyard IPA” is a hit among those who appreciate small-batch, passionately crafted beers. It’s a perfect spot for a relaxed beer tasting experience with friends.

Location: Simcoe | Website: backyardbrewing.ca

7. Wishbone Brewing Company

A short drive to Waterford brings you to Wishbone Brewing Company, housed in a historic building that overlooks the picturesque Shadow Lake Trail. Enjoy their “Black Bridge Stout,” named after a local landmark, and immerse yourself in their weekly community events including live music and trivia nights.

Location: Waterford | Website: wishbonebrews.com

8. Meuse Brewing

Our final stop is Meuse Brewing in the quaint village of Scotland. This boutique microbrewery is known for blending traditional techniques with innovative twists. Their “Scottish Ale” and seasonal brews are a must-try for those exploring the depth of Norfolk’s brewing culture.

Location: Scotland | Website: meuse.square.site

Conclusion: Raising a Glass to Norfolk County

Each microbrewery in Norfolk County offers more than just exceptional beers; they provide experiences that merge the art of brewing with the region’s agricultural heritage. Whether you’re a seasoned beer aficionado or a curious newcomer, these breweries promise an enriching journey into the heart of Ontario’s microbrewery scene.

Visit Norfolk: Your Guide to Local Breweries

Planning your trip to Norfolk County? Ensure you check operating hours and book tours in advance. Each microbrewery offers a unique taste of local flavor, making exploring them a perfect way to experience the essence of Ontario’s craft beer culture.