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Explore the Wineries of Norfolk County, Ontario

Norfolk County, Ontario, is quickly becoming a top winery destination for wine enthusiasts. With its unique microclimate and fertile soil, this region offers a perfect environment for vineyards and has seen a rise in both traditional and innovative wineries. Join us as we tour some of the best wineries in Norfolk County, each providing unique wine tasting experiences that showcase the distinctiveness of this burgeoning wine country.

1. Front Road Cellars at Blueberry Hill Estates

Begin your wine journey in St. Williams at Front Road Cellars at Blueberry Hill Estates. Known for integrating the rich flavors of local blueberries, this winery offers a variety of wines that blend traditional vine fruits with local produce. The picturesque setting and innovative blends make this a key stop for those exploring Ontario wineries.

Location: St. Williams, Ontario | Website: https://www.blueberryhill.ca/frontroadcellars

2. Burning Kiln Winery

Continue to Burning Kiln Winery, a testament to Norfolk’s agricultural heritage. Located on a repurposed tobacco farm, the winery uses unique methods like drying grapes in former tobacco kilns. Celebrated for its “Strip Room Merlot,” Burning Kiln offers a stunning panorama of its vineyards and is a must-visit for anyone who likes enjoying a glass of wine along with a beautiful view. Don’t forget to check out their annual line-up for concerts in the vineyard!

Location: St. Williams, Ontario | Website: https://www.burningkilnwinery.ca/

3. Bonnieheath Estate Lavender & Winery

At Bonnieheath Estate Lavender & Winery in Waterford, enjoy the unique combination of wine and lavender fields. This winery is renowned for its environmentally friendly practices and produces wines that capture the essence of the region. The tranquil scenery and the scent of lavender add a relaxing backdrop to your wine tasting experience.

Location: Waterford, Ontario | Website: https://bonnieheathestate.com/

4. Frisky Beaver Wines

Frisky Beaver Wines in Port Dover offers a playful approach to winemaking with a focus on creating approachable and flavorful wines. Known for its friendly atmosphere, this winery is perfect for those new to wine tasting and looking for an enjoyable introduction to the wine scene in Norfolk.

Location: Port Dover, Ontario | Website: https://friskybeaver.ca/

5. Inasphere Wines

Set on a beautiful farm overlooking Long Point Bay, Inasphere Wines in St. Williams is committed to sustainable winemaking. Their “Riesling” is particularly noted for its crisp flavor that embodies the local terroir. It’s among the best wineries in Norfolk County, offering not just great wines but also stunning views.

Location: St. Williams, Ontario | Website: https://inaspherewines.ca/

6. Hounds of Erie Winery

Hounds of Erie offers a unique, artisanal wine tasting experience in Clear Creek. This small-batch winery is dog-friendly and focuses on high-quality production, making it a favorite for those seeking a more intimate winery tour.

Location: Clear Creek, Ontario | Website: https://www.houndsoferiewinery.com/

Enhance Your Experience with Ride the Bine Tours

For a comprehensive experience, consider booking a tour with Ride the Bine, which offers curated tours of Norfolk County’s wineries. It’s an excellent way for visitors to enjoy multiple wine tastings and learn about the local wine industry without the hassle of driving.


The wineries of Norfolk County are not just producers of fine wines; they are storytellers of the land, each offering unique experiences that reflect the region’s rich agricultural legacy and innovative spirit. From serene lavender fields to playful wine tastings, each winery provides a distinct slice of Norfolk’s diverse wine culture. Whether you’re a seasoned connoisseur or a casual taster, these wineries promise a memorable journey filled with discovery, flavor, and the joy of a fine glass of wine.

Planning Your Visit

Ready to explore the wineries of Norfolk County? Remember to check their operating hours and book tastings in advance. Whether you’re indulging in a weekend getaway or a day trip, Norfolk County’s wineries offer an exquisite escape into the world of Ontario wines.